Making Money With SFI Just Got Easier! is pleased to announce its latest and most innovative lead-generation system that provides high quality SFI affiliates to all SFI leaders, EAs (executive affiliates) affiliates and SFI Team Leader co-ops under one single platform. 

In Addition, has just made a major leap forward that's going to give our co-op members a unique and true advantage that will allow them to build a fast and much more profitable SFI organization. guarantees a minimum number of
SFI AFFILIATES per Share Unit!

Definition: provides quality SFI affiliates based on co-op share units. Our affiliates are high quality because they first opt-in through our internet ads and special advertising campaigns, then, submit their own registration to SFI in response to a second campaign that they receive from us.

We are so sure about our lead quality, we even guarantee a minimum number of 20 SFI Affiliates per share unit!

Our leads are highly responsive because they register with SFI themselves under each co-op member's SFI ID and keycode that are provided with each order, then, they are sent a series of professionally-designed follow-up messages to help them get on a good start with SFI. Therefore, these leads are more likely to take further interest in the business and become a valuable part of your SFI team.

Our leads are generated exclusively for each co-op member. These kinds of exclusive leads are typically sold for $4 - $5 each because they cost so much to generate. However, considering the strong alliances that we have built with large marketing companies and groups, we are able to generate these leads for less than the wholesale price offered out there. Therefore, getting your SFI leads through is probably the best and most cost effective method of building a successful SFI organization. We encourage you to make a commitment today and participate in on a regular basis and encourage all your team affiliates to do the same.


Any SFI affiliate, EA or leader with a valid SFI ID number is eligible to participate in the co-op.
See Faqs for more details 

Co-op Share Units Discount prices 

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To place an order, please select your payment method below and follow the instructions: Paypal - Credit Card  


Important: You must supply your SFI ID with every order. We cannot process orders without IDs. The Keycode is optional, however, If you have your own co-op or you wish to use your own keycode, you must submit that keycode with your SFI ID in the box provided. Here's an example: 123456.1234


Paypal Orders   

Number Of
Co-op Share

Monthly Subsc. Amount

 Enter your SFI ID and Keycode (i.e.123456.1234), and your Co-op Referrer's SFI ID if available (i.e.456789) then hit the "Paypal" button 

 1 Share Unit   $50.00

Your SFI ID & Keycode

 2 Share Units   $98.00 

Your SFI ID & Keycode

 3 Share Units   $146.00 

Your SFI ID & Keycode

 4 Share Units   $194.00 

Your SFI ID & Keycode

 5 Share Units   $241.00 

Your SFI ID & Keycode

 6 Share Units   $288.00 

Your SFI ID & Keycode

 7 Share Units   $334.00 

Your SFI ID & Keycode

 8 Share Units   $380.00 

Your SFI ID & Keycode

 9 Share Units   $425.00

Your SFI ID & Keycode

 10 Share Units   $470.00 

Your SFI ID & Keycode

 11 Share Units   $514.00 

Your SFI ID & Keycode

 12 Share Units   $558.00 

Your SFI ID & Keycode

 13 Share Units   $601.00

Your SFI ID & Keycode

 14 Share Units   $644.00 

Your SFI ID & Keycode

 15 Share Units   $686.00 

Your SFI ID & Keycode


Credit Card Orders

To start your monthly co-op subscription using credit card, select the number of share units that you need, complete all fields and submit to our Secure Credit Card Payment Form.

Select number of Share Units: 


The subscription charge above will recur on the same date every month. If this is a one-time order, you can cancel your next recurring charge by going to: 
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* = required field

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(i.e. 123456.1234)

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